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NEWHAPPY FREIGHT has reached booking agent agreement with several well-known shipping companies and established reliable cooperation with them to meet customers' requirements. Besides traditional transportation, NEWHAPPY FREIGHT also provide transportation services of dry & break bulk cargo, piece-cargo, frozen-cargo, dangerous cargo, project cargo, personal effects etc. It can also provide customers with electronic services such as Internet space-booking, cargo-tracking etc.


Our services include:
☆ We can provide you with not only most preferential contracted prices but also alternative and prompt services in shipping lines of Southeast asia, America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and so on.
☆ We can open concentrated direct route to all the main ports of America, Europe, Africa, Australia and South East Asia. We can also accept NEWHAPPY FREIGHTs of inland-transportation and multi trade terms
☆ We can provide continuous services to clients at the destinations by the developed agency net-work.
☆ We can provide import transportation service from all over the world. There is direct import consol from Europe and Southeast asia every week.


NEWHAPPY FREIGHT reaches agreements with many world well-known air companies for long time by the enormous advantage of the international air port in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, possesses abundant freight spaces and competitive freight rates, provides customers with perfect and prompt services including import and export by air, customs clearance and inspection, cargo delivery etc. We can also be the imp & exp, customs clearance agency for many global logistics suppliers.


Our services:
☆ Import and export customs declaration.
☆ Paying the customs duties on behalf of our customers.
☆ Cargo fumigating.
☆ Registering in Customs and Commodity Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and other special services.
☆ Personal effects declaration
☆ Cargo inspection and quarantine.
☆ Consulting of the regulations and the concerned laws.


The network of NEWHAPPY FREIGHT Logistics spreads over 40 main cities in mainland China. Company boasts about over 50 haulages and close cooperation with hundreds of motorcades; freshwater transNEWHAPPY FREIGHT terminal, goods stations and storage yard (with 2800-square-meter warehouse and 1600-square-meter warehouse controlled by customs). We can provide services of inland container transportation, door-door transport of bonded cargoes and bulk cargoes, as well as the domestic distribution.


NEWHAPPY FREIGHT developed the imp and exp of personal effects as a specific designed professional service by our advantage of both sea and Air freight, provides customers with services including packing, warehousing, transporting, distributing and customs clearing etc. Operators who have been trained by professional Japanese moving organs can provide services including disassembling, packing, loading, moving, installing, position-fixing and sorting etc. Closed box cars and standard cartons will ensure cargoes' intactness. We ensure in-time, safe and exact arrival by our knowledge and net-work in international logistics to supply high-quality service for those who will study or reside abroad and foreigner.
The feature of sea transportation of personal effects are as follows:
☆ There is no limit to the quantity, weight and measurements of the onsignment.Therefore, it is suitable for large volume of personal luggage to transport by sea.
☆ There is a rugular sailing schedule and a “track and trace” system for this mode of transportation.
☆ The cargo will be containerized,thus high safety in the transportation will be ensured.
☆ Cost of transportation by sea freight is much lower than that of transportation by air freight or post.

Handling Procedures of Personal Effects:
1. Consultaion Service
2. See goods, calculate weight, measurement, number of packages
3. Confirm mode and scheme of packaging, count charge
4. Clients confirm charge and service
5. Booking sea or air freight
6. Pack, pick up the goods and get the charge in appointed place



NEWHAPPY FREIGHT provides international transportation services of giant, overweight cargoes, including business consultation, imp and exp customs clearance, concentrating, whole-procedure transportation, exhibition stand service, storage of the empty cartons, insurance and back transportation. Company has transported giant goods and equipments with rich experience for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, PetroChina etc since 1992.
Our services:
☆ Professional customs clearance: to choose different ways of professional customs clearance according to different situations, a good relationship with departments of Customs, Commodity Inspection and Port
☆ By our global net-work and the most excellent exhibition agent all over the world, we can provide on-site services, empty cartons storing, insurance and back transportation.
☆ Standardized operation: By the bonded warehouse and professional trained staff, we can provide services of packing, marks sticking, picture-taking and storing etc.
☆ All procedure transportation: to choose the safest and quickest way of transportation, to trace the moving of the display items, to keep customers informed of the relative news and to ensure the smoothness of the information.